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Patience Akyianu

SEO Africa interns are dynamic individuals determined to make a positive impact

seoafricdevuserPatience Akyianu
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Kwasi N. Tumi

[SEO Africa has] provided us with potential leaders whose work ethic, emotional intelligence, innovation, ability and willingness to challenge the status quo cast them in the mode of the caliber of human resources required for the realisation of our Company’s vision.

seoafricdevuserKwasi N. Tumi
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John Gadzi

The SEO Africa interns stand out in their ability to continuously add value and to make meaningful contributions to our business and to our clients

seoafricdevuserJohn Gadzi
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Abiola Bawuah

The SEO interns have demonstrated the UBA core values of humility, empathy, integrity and resilience. They are always ready to learn and eager to contribute, we are very grateful to have them on board. With their continued determination, the sky is indeed the limit.

seoafricdevuserAbiola Bawuah
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Kwamina Asomaning

The experience has been immensely fulfilling – SEO Africa provides us access to talented young professionals with potential to be future leaders for our business, while offering us the opportunity to mentor these individuals and shape their careers.

seoafricdevuserKwamina Asomaning
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